Lean on Me [Masters of the Shadowlands 4]

Lean on Me - Cherise Sinclair Roll me over and fuck me again!! Follow the rules of Shadowlands. Do as you are told or else endure delightful shockers, kittens! Move over Zachary! Master C is here to rule the roost or should I emphasize Cullen’s ability to stimulate pain with every caress of divine pleasure. All through the bartending /Dom activities Cullen comes across as a tender heart veiled behind a rigid persona. Andrea wants a hardcore Dom and desires it real bad. Rough around the edges due to her street endurance credo, Andrea comes in her own catering to Cullen’s commands. Provide Cullen a black robe, few velvet ropes and gaze at the whiz spank steep ecstasy on his apprentice. And that sly grin plastered on his face when he sees Andrea stripping down to the last leather boots is purely breathtaking. I greatly fear that my soaring infatuation to Shadowlands elite may cultivate wicked fetishes. Ms. Sinclair when will you bring fresh sexual prowess of Joey, Cody and Adrienne? I anticipate it to be rather promptly. Hurry Cherise! Hurry!