Black Widow

Black Widow - Lena Austin The depiction pales in comparison to the strongly worded title ‘Black Widow’. Calder Burgess, an investigative reporter is assigned to write a clinical take on the psychological aspect of the functioning of a BDSM club and its members. Kelly, the vicious female Dominatrix and the power behind the nuances of the club becomes the main subject of exploration for Calder. Well, so much for the storyline. Now, let’s move on to the execution of the ongoing plot. Kelly, although portrayed as the obstinate ‘Master’ to all the soft submissives in the club comes forth as vulnerable and uninspiring both as a DOM and a SUB later on when she switches her role-playing acts. Calder seems quite dorky and does not exhibit any attributes of a ruling Master even though it can be taken into consideration that he is still learning the ropes of BDSM techniques. Since, it is a plot based on educational (politely speaking) reporting of an exclusively feral facet of sexual exploration; one can appreciate the basic elucidations of BDSM lifestyle. As to what happens to a SUB during a flogging scene and the subsequent spellbinding subspace - a trance overpowering sexual shock and the three categories of S & M indulgence. Nevertheless, this does not seem quite the reason enough for feeble sex scenes. The sexual encounters of both Kelly and Calder; chiefly Kelly, does not ignite that required spark let alone the fierce chemistry that one wishes to see (or read in this matter) between a master and the submissive. So, yes, I was a little displeased with the sex portion of the script and would have adored the prospect of some untamed exploits. Jeez! A quantifiable report on a BDSM clique along with superior sexual drama, even Freud would have loved it.