Slave Island

Slave Island - Claire Thompson Holy fuck! Holy damn fuck!! That’s new!! It took a book for me to blurt these words, a rare utterance nowadays. My mind is anesthetized from the intermediate shivers and my mouth is uttering words which I gave up on during my nightly expeditions. Julianna , a 20-something stylist being tricked into hardcore slave trade ; enforced into a sinister bondage sex play at a secluded island left me on tenterhooks for a happy ending. I get it, the title screams ‘sex slave’ and I am certainly no buffoon to buy an erotica and assume it to be a Danielle Steele. Ms. Thompson, pens a pulsating scenario of coercive sex layering the darkest side of BDSM indulgence. The residing Domme in me dreadfully wanted Julianna to undergo a bit more of the sexual disciplinary anguish but the untimely civilized bitch had a soft spot for Julianna and I was left desiring the poor woman’s freedom. So much for my alpha persona! Egoistical 'Dommes' becoming overtly sexual bullies are a huge turn off and at times criminal. I reckon that was the turning point for me yearning for a blissful conclusion. Did I take pleasure in this book? Hell yeah! Every fucking bit! I’m neither a prude nor faint-hearted. Cheers to that and to Ms. Thompson, of course.