Surrender - Kimberly Zant {This review is especially for Brian for being adorably curious}***Do not try to psychoanalyze the plot. It’s ménage/erotica for crying out loud!***1) A 30-something female frantically trying to make a quick buck so to acquire child custody in an acrimonious divorce. – Check2) 5 ravenously throbbing cocks looking for a SUB intended for their 6-week sexual soiree – Check3) Black leather bustier, satin ribbons and sex-toys - Check4) BDSM role-plays, insatiable Ménage à trois, nonstop fuck-fest with spasming culmination of sheer ecstasy - Check.Check and Check5) Praj getting a tad horny imagining all this - Check Okay! Let’s roll people!!Finding herself in a financial crunch with her nasty divorce and a child custody shuffle, Annabelle likes the prospect of earning thousands by playing a sex-slave to wealthy "visitors" at a mansion over a period of six weeks. Oh poor Anna! Why would she stoop beneath her morals? Couldn’t she simply get a job at a local diner? Listen in suckers, do you ask these questions while viewing porn? Precisely! This is not Jane Eyre or a Betty Friedan manuscript.It is hard-core kink laced with mind-boggling sexual performances. So, do I care about Anna’s misery? Hell no!! Do I sympathize with the non-availability of one of the five lustful men in my bedroom right now? Absolutely!! Fucks my mind even thinking of it. Wow! Spaced out.......Well, what do you expect? Nothing more to add except hot sex, kinky orgies (did I mention feverish foreplay mechanics… O boy! Phew), fiery libidos and convulsing moans. Fantastically choreographed sex scenes.(Hahaha! Look at me all sounding like Steven Hirsch). Kudos Kimberly you just made me rate your book 1-star higher.