Pretty Man

Pretty Man - Ryan Field I reckon Mr.Field is a huge fan of Pretty Woman. Otherwise why would such a tactful author pen a hard core erotica on the lines of a candy floss romantic movie? The entire libretto deal with Roland Marcus an affluent and flamboyant yet sentimental man who hires Josh Holden to be his date/partner to avoid embarrassment before his ex-lover Kenneth Rhodes. Later, Josh realizes that his escort act is more than just money and a delicate romance cultivates between the two protagonists. However, the jovial point is when Field appreciatively shifts from the mundane bonbon to rock-solid sexual fête with numerous group orgies and reckless sexual activities between Roland and Josh; making it worth reading for the very reason I picked the book up- a sexual euphoria. I was never a fan of Pretty Woman so if it was not for the explicit sexual scenes, I would have easily dismissed this book. As for the author, I would like to give another chance as most of his novels boast humorously altered movie titles