The Ultimate Kink [Quinn Security 2]

The Ultimate Kink - Cameron Dane Just when I was facing a terrible drought with high-quality erotica, this marvel comes along and banishes all my fears. Kasey and Quinn (as she took pleasure in calling him) never once failed in sending my sensory neurons in a tizzy. Kasey adorning the role of ‘female Dom’ whipping Quinn’s sanity into a sexual frenzy yet not fucking him as it was an undercover job at a bondage club, made me regulate my own subtle moves. I crossed my legs when Kasey prepares Canin for sex by indulging in hardcore foreplay; heaved anxious sighs during their sexual exhibitionism in the bondage area; twitched in my seat and when things got bit enthralling pushed my fingers in the warm Styrofoam cup spilling the coffee all over the counter. And with all the oblivious folks courteously directing me to a new seat wondering if I had a seizure; it drove me fucking nuts as my emotions were hitting the roof. Oh sweet Lord! What took over me when I decided to read this book in a coffee shop? It was wild and extremely sexy and I did have my little own convulsion.