Dom/sub - B.D. Dark, Roxy Harte How did it come to this? How did I let it get this far?The X-shaped crosses, hard cocks aching for sinister exploits , perfect mounds of brazen protuberances, the Shibaru-Kinbaku knots, piercing leather clasps, lavish dungeons and those explicit imagery of Yoo Ji-Tae from Secret Love. Was I searching for such lust when I entered the store? I knew the recognizable twinge springing through my warm body when I saw it lay amid the boisterous articles; the quintessential oddball. Was I truly prepared for the experience once again? The unbearable sighs in the offing for a consequential release; the chronic tapping of feet on the cold floor; was I geared up for all? The thought of constricted bondage enraging the power of an imminent DOM was more pleasurable than diamond fields and spouter whales. “Bashfulness is a fool’s play and carnal desire the game of the brave” said the effervescent estrogen. I quickly made a run for it before anyone could glimpse my restlessness. Ecstasy swayed in my cold perspiration. Do I wait till I reach my bedroom; I deliberated, or audaciously curl on the orange sofa right here. Why is that man staring at me? Did he sense my uneasiness, like a wolf vigilant at the hint of raw blood? Steve was a bit apprehensive too, until Kim liberated his inner dominance into a marvelous competent DOM. Kim was reckless or perhaps a passionate SUB who went to lengths to please her Master. The subjection of bondage and the rapture of throbbing pleasure pulling lustful bodies into a labyrinth of sexual supremacy shadows uncontested sanity. Kim yearned to be bound, caned and fucked so did Julia, who longed for a submissive control after her previous Master’s death. Did Julia find her Master who could bestow the gift of a mindless orgasm and was Steve fated to be captivating DOM prudent in his role of generating boundaries to a zealous SUB?"The vessel receives whatever is poured in it. It doesn't complain that the contents are too hot or too cold, but accepts what is given without question. The vessel then holds the liquid until the provider chooses to empty it again. It is up to the provider to judge when the vessel is full and to stop before it overflows, spilling and wasting the precious essence of life".A Dom/Sub can truly enjoy a consensual rewarding BDSM relationship when he/she adheres to responsible boundaries, safeguarding it from a callous sphere of violence. "Ma’am, can I help you with something?"; the strange man was few breaths away and audaciously gawking at my hand. "Is that all or do you want to look for some more?" More!!! He thinks I’m into some kind of perversion. Does denying to vote against pornography misrepresents your sexual intentions? If someone likes to be fucked wildly, well go ahead by all means as long as it does not involve a hamster molesting a cilantro. Politely, I excuse myself from his offered help and dash to the wooden desk hoping I do not see him again. Like a half-lit Marlboro waiting to be smoked, there is he again waiting for me with a bunch of questions. As I slowly unzip he blurts out, “Plastic or paper?” Excuse me! It’s a bag, you sillies!!! Subsequently, after paying for my purchase I zip up my purse and as I exit the bookstore all I have is an titillating erotica and a pack of Marlboro geared up to fill my fantasies with an alluring smoke.