Dark Citadel (Masters of the Shadowlands, #2)

Dark Citadel - Cherise Sinclair Dark Citadel is an explosive sexual repertoire of an unyielding teacher eagerly kneeling under the guidance of a ravishing cop as her Master. Sinclair’s enchantment of tantalizing voyeurism continues with the reclusive Daniel. Designated as a dungeon monitor at Club Shadowlands, Master D (Daniel) cherishes supple and curvy women for his alpha ménage overrides. Daniel was briefly introduced in the first piece of the series, as a momentary guard over Jessica. Being strictly professional with the role-plays at the club, he deters from intimacy with his “pets” beyond preferred bondage tethering. Enter Kari! A diffident apprentice, Kari blossoms into an erotically stirred slave plunging Daniel into a cell of uncharted vulnerabilities and aggression. The BDSM sessions ignite the right nerves leaving you high and dry. Master D sure knows how to keep his Sub begging for more without bequeathing her with the ultimate pleasure. What more can you ask? It is an unambiguous read to experience a sexually powered roller coaster ride of two souls who are fervently kinky as hell.