The Honey Bee Girl

The Honey Bee Girl - Doug Hiser I am in love with this book. It is very rare that a book makes my heart smile and this one does that trick. The narration is honest, soothing and strikes a chord in the heart. Doug was busy doing what he loved; roaming the cow pastures and saving injured hawks when suddenly he was striked with a bolt of lightning named Rae Kimmings. Her enigmatic blue-green eyes and pink lips ran like currents in Doug. He described Rae as "an Unicorn among all the other conventional horses". Right from his bashful encounters with Rae, the flirtatious poetry sessions to the bittersweet moments and heartaches, brings back the most pleasant memories of first love. Ah! First love is so pristine and unforgettable and yet so coy. Doug’s life in Santa Fe was full of adventures brimming from his escapades with his school buddies, to catching snapping turtles and understanding the nature of a reclusive neighbor. A picture perfect yet to be flawed by the perils of life. As 1973 brought Doug his first heartache, this book brought back sweet nostalgia to even a person like me who induces self-amnesia when it comes to speaking about the past. Doug’s words not only made me chuckle but also made me shed a few tears. Kudos Doug! A job well done and yes, ‘Some things are not destined to heal’.