Level C Volume 2 (v. 2)

Level C, vol. 2 - Aoi Futaba, Kurenai Mitsuba Oh sweet Lord! I yawned right in the midst of a sexual symphony as Butterfly (a sex-slave not the holometabola insect) orgasms to Bryan’s remarkably hassled thrusts. I yawned till tears trickled down my cheeks and I wasn’t even lethargic. Have I reached my erotica immunity? I am fairly acquainted with my whoring of BDSM novels and the relishing contribution of a riotously inexhaustible imagination. But, this involuntary somnolent mouth activity is ferociously haunting my libido. What will I do on those lazy afternoons when machinery fails me? Do I have to channel my excitement through the food network? Nigella Lawson does entice the senses at times with her gooey chocolate cakes and butterscotch sauces. Why God? Why?Gary and his clique of four lusciously curved submissives were incredibly enticing. Initially amidst the whimpering of ecstasies, blood gushed through my tethering veins as Jasmine was punished for her misdemeanors. The liberation of Butterfly from a fearful sub to a loveable partner of the Navajo carpenter (Bryan) was alluring, although I am not a huge romance fan. I must say, it was quite a tedious job to free herself from her possessive Master. Yet, through the rendered blowjobs services, whippings and ruffled pleasures, I merrily munched on a pack of crisps rather than devouring a sauvignon Blanc. When Butterfly moans or wiggles beneath pushing her bottom towards Bryan’s muscular legs, why doesn’t it make me cross my legs. Why is this misery bestowed upon my irresistible soul? Butterfly a.k.a Sylvia tries to reach her parents, Bryan’s closeness to grandmother.....**Yawns***....Sylvia’s budding romantic overtures....**Yawns***....Jeez! I seem to be getting a bit drowsy. Eureka! Eureka! The source of my recurring yawns! Too much of emotional hullabaloo overshadowing sinister actions. I feel like Archimedes, except the running naked part(too many laws sanctioned for that crap).If it were not for the hard-core sexual masochist actions this would be a sugary Hallmark movie with white horses running in a clover field. The trepidation is over and I see sunlight once again! Now, let me take a peek at the Amazon shopping cart.