Rainbow Humming Bird on the Butt

Rainbow Humming Bird on the Butt: Autobiography - Szymon Niemiec A brutally outspoken and stirring memoir of a young lad who while growing up in the bylanes of Sadyba a quaint and picturesque village in Warsaw, recognized his sexual attraction for men compelling him to fight a harsh and stringent personal war in order to prove his existence.Szymon Niemiec, found sexual compatibility in men during his college years. Declaring his sexual status was not only a great effort but finding acceptance in the vastly orthodox Polish community was next to impossible. Szymon’s personal battles with his sexuality and the denial from his parents made him go through a series of ill-fated and depressive occurrences. Over the years he initiated the Gay Rights Movement in Warsaw which faced the wrath of several political and religious institutions. Moreover, Szymon was propelled into a vortex of betrayal, a political experiment, social mayhem and trickery; questioning the worth of his living.Szymon’s fight is not over yet; he still thrives for the betterment of the LGBT population in Poland finding ways for their communal approval whilst preventing the community from being a mere political experiment for garnering votes during Presidential elections.Szymon Niemiec is a Polish photographer, gay rights activist, and politician. He is the initiator of the first Polish Gay Pride parade, held in 2001. From 2000 to 2006, Niemiec held the post of Cultural Ambassador of Poland to the International Lesbian and Gay Culture Network.. Since 2008 he is a pastor of Free Reformed Church of Poland, a progressive Christian denomination described as the “Welcoming Church”.