Dare to Dominate

Dare to Dominate - Claire Thompson Irrespective to what the doctor says, my recurrent mood swings are neither due to viewing Lindsay Lohan’s nude Playboy spread nor my mild acetone addiction. I feel it is the restricted performance of my guttermouth. I am exhausted from all the verbose graciousness of my reviews especially when the need cease to exist. Why can’t I express truly what I feel about a certain book without fearing my review being flagged by the censoring Goodreads elite? To hell with it all! Claire Thompson, I fucking love your books. Rarely do your novels dissatisfy me in all manners. Dare to Dominate is a natural winner. Laurel Jordan desired Jonathan's sexual prowess from the moment she saw him at a BDSM club in Munich. As she followed him to his room at the pretense of a lost scarf, she hoped for an invitation to his room where he would eventually fuck her silly for hours and savor her perfect nakedness. Laurel a natural submissive runs a BDSM members-only club in Greenwich Village. Jonathan, mesmerized by Laurel’s ability to liberate his prevailing sexual fantasies, seeks out the club on past temptation. Club Roissy is a stimulating place that rents playrooms for the sexually adventurous clique on hourly basis. The dungeons equipped with world class fine leather whips (courtesy Tom Saunders) and other toys, brings out the commanding Domme that resides in Jonathan. Jonathan unaware of this(him being a natural Dom) aspect plays out skillfully the rules of a captivating disciplinarian as Laurel abides his every erotic pleasure. Thankfully there are no pussy boys and no angelic SUBS. I despise the very prospect of those characters in any damn sexual plot. I would like a little more enhancement on Mistress Catherine’s roleplay in the dungeons. Being the only formidable Dominatrix in club it would have been amusing to see her indulge in more sexual obedience.Mistress Catherine was a formidable woman, large-boned and tall with huge breasts and long, shiny red hair. She dressed the part of Dominatrix, wearing a close-fitting black leather vest that barely contained her ample bosom, a leather miniskirt that left little to the imagination and stiletto heels over her fishnet stockings. She enjoyed cracking her riding crop against her thigh as she lectured her chosen sub boy on his shortcomings before ordering him to lower his pants and take his due. She was hugely popular with straight and gay men alike because she administered a blistering paddling along with a scathing running commentary that had most of the men ejaculating on their feet as they endured her delicious wrath. She would chain them or bind them as it pleased her, and use them until she used them up. A man who spent an hour with Mistress Catherine really felt he received his money’s worth.I was tad cheerless of Laurel being an all out SUB. She had the personality of being a SWITCH, which would have been quite thrilling to see her as a FemDom to Saunders or any other house-subs. However, I am not crabby, simply desiring more, so I could have said, “Motherfucking Awesome!!”