Marble Skin: A Novel

Marble Skin - Slavenka Drakulić Abused at the tender age of 14, by her stepfather the raconteur escapes her childhood home only to return when compelled by her mother’s attempted suicide over a marble statute; carved by the narrator herself. "Suddenly it happened. I thought I had already forgiven my mother for everything. I was at a private view when a woman friend asked me why all my sculptures of the female body seemed eaten away inside. Although the hollowness can't be seen, you feel it, somewhere, just beneath the marble skin. Yes, that's what she called it, the 'marble skin'."A compelling claustrophobic, uncanny tale of a young woman resisting her inner vulnerabilities while coming in terms with her abused past, sexuality and a deteriorated mother-daughter relationship. Drakulic’s extreme psychodrama weaves a web of sexual jealousy and complicated domestic relationships induced by incest.