Nexus (Harper Perennial Modern Classi)

Nexus - Henry Miller Emergency!! Emergency!! Animal control we have a wild penis on loose!! Help!!!!Woof!Woof! Ladies hold on to your knickers (as if that matters...hahaha!) I'm back in town darlings!! The horny uncouth bastard, so save your vanities and say hello to Mr. Henry Miller!Sexual claustrophobia and unrestrained gusto for life made me churn out vulgar visceral depiction of what is christened as ,"Ménage à trois gone down the drain". Mona’s (a.k.a Mara) romps with her eccentric fuckaree lover- Stasia drove me over the edge. Those Machiavellian bitches did not value the supremacy of my penis whilst indulging me like a kid. Arghhh!! I’m loveless...blah the verge of purging a bohemian inchoate calling...blah..blah...Alas! I won’t be here for long as I see the boat pulling out for my extensive cruise to Paris. Adieu suckers! Ici que je viens chiennes français!!Bonne chasse. (Here I come you French bitches! Good hunting!)