For One Night Only

For One Night Only - Beverly Havlir This is my first Beverly Havlir book and I am mighty impressed with the woman’s proficiency and verbal flair for an enticing BDSM libretto. As a reader what I essentially observe in a bondage erotica is whether it knocks that untapped feral window sited in the cavernous core of absolute fantasy. And, this book charms it all the way through.The protagonist Lily McIntyre appears to be timidly flourishing her sexual desires for her boss-Michael Rutherford. Otherwise why the hell would she have waited for nearly a year to confess her extreme wetness for Michael? Enter Anton, who tries to liberate Lily from her horny desolation by asking her to be a part of his BDSM rendezvous alias the Black and White Party. Lily agrees to be a ‘Sub’(surprise! surprise!) and let Michael rule her sexually for one night only. Little did she know that the wild ordeal may powerfully bind her in an unsettling web with the obvious lust for stricter bondage drama. With a light hint of romance culminating to a wonderful finale, the book sails through your lively imagination without any annoying interludes.So, single out a lacy number from the Betsey Johnson Victoria’s Secret line, pour a glass of champagne, put on some ambient music and relish Lily’s untamed sexual sessions with Michael, just the apt surroundings in which Havlir likes to inscribes her stories.