Wars, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places

Wars, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places - Paul Collier Paul Collier asserts the 21st century being the era of civil wars. If the claim is practically solidified, the peaceful restoration of a world community will be a far-fetched dream. Civil wars are detrimental to political and state progression, let alone humanity. A volatile umbrella sheltering ethnic discrepancies, power-related violence, abusive exploitation of developmental funds, brutality, genocide and the biggest scare of all thriving of terrorists pockets. Collier, an expert in developmental predicaments of impoverished economies focuses on the African panorama of political violence and power struggle under the façade of democracy submitting numerous ingenious resolutions of policy changes, military budgets cuts to minimize the conflict risk, holding fair and free elections, reforming economic policies and providing governmental aid supervised by designated financial peacemaker.I have always maintained the fact of democracy being a farce in a place where power and money rules above the nominal populace enhancement. How can one exercise free will when egalitarianism is either strictly communal or a moneyed privilege? Why is nation-building essential yet highly impossible in various third-world countries?Democracy the magical word for a sovereign nation; amusing how it differs in the bottom billion (countries accounting for more than a billion of the world’s poorest populace).So, how can one dissect democracy or rather what does it stand for in the bottom billion.D - Dais for several deluded notions of freedom and justice propagandas.E - Electoral sham, exhibiting every aspect of dreadful hostility ranging from bribery, intimidation, manipulating ballots and deceitful garnering of votes. M - Mishandling of international and developmental funds fulfilling egotistical power-hungry motives and illegal arms dealings.O - Omitting the prospect of Human Rights and at times overlooking educational and health upgrading. In some rural pockets illiteracy is preferred as no questions will be raised against criminal political and insurgent activities.C - Chucking the concept of national identity whilst enhancing the prospects of varied ethnic liberalizations demarcating class, religious segregations and social order in state communities.R – Rebellious onset of civil wars surfacing volatile situations between the governing assemblies and private rebel armies.A -Accountability and security of public good for state development are offered minimalist efforts.C -Corruption thriving within the walls of nationalized infrastructure, disposing patronage and ultimately becoming a benign part of a dysfunctional organization.Y -Yielding a landscape fertile for proliferating embryonic terror cults and collective bedlam.Assemble an autonomous nation-state on this pandemonium! And, to think elections and liberty of exercising the right to vote sums up the foundation to constructing a sovereign third world nation-state. Is it a fundamental naivety or a deficient study of a greatly diverse unrevealed world? A nation can be busted within a span of days or even hours but to construct a secure democratic sanctuary it takes decades of combating revolutionary upheavals and understanding the extant intricacies.Michael Clemems rightly estimates the epochal tasks of development in the billion-bottom countries stating,"Helping the bottom billion will be a very slow job for generations, not the product of media- or summit-friendly plans to end poverty in ten or 20 years. It will require long-term, opportunistic, and humble engagement, much of it through public action -- built on a willingness to let ineffective interventions die and on a sophisticated appreciation of the stupendous complexity of functioning economies. The grievous truth is that although a range of public actions can and should help many people, most of the bottom billion will not -- and cannot -- be freed from poverty in our lifetimes."(Foreign Affairs, Sept/Oct.2007)http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/62849/michael-a-clemens/smart-samaritans?I agree.