The Color of Fire

The Color of Fire - Ann Rinaldi Every now and then gawking at a gorgeous creature decked in Christian Dior at an airport lounge can do wonders in the procurement of a book. This was my save-your–arse-or-shove-your- foot-in–the-mouth purchase.Turkish literature is more than the auxiliary plunk of Orhan Pamuk and his venturesome Istanbul melancholy. Foothold in modern prose demarcates democratization of a country’s mind-set through a clamored evolutionary process. Secularism of Turkey over a span of four decades created a dais for commendable women authors pouring their soul into character dichotomy of challenges circumventing denunciation, self-identity, migration, seclusion and communal inequity. Adorned with 43 brief stories and excerpts from 30 authors, this book brings out the essence of countrywide literature lying dormant for the English-speaking world due to deficient translations