Behenji - Ajoy Bose I am not a fan of Mayawati or her political agendas and never will I vote in favor of her or BSP(Bahujan Samaj Party). That said, I must confess that I am highly intrigued and approve of Mayawati as a woman who from being an impoverished Dalit(an outcaste community crushed with harsh discrimination) transformed into a powerful and mercurial politician. The fact that she may become India’s Prime Minister in the future scares the crap out of me; hitherto it is not a farcical prospect anymore.Ajoy Bose in this unofficial biography maps out the controversial journey of Mayawati who from being one of the nine children of Prabhu Das Dayal, a lowly clerk in Central postal department in Delhi, went on to become a celebrated protégé of Kanshi Ram and in due course becoming one of India’s crude, unscrupulous and devious politician. Bose in his narration garners sort of affection and intelligentsia towards Mayawati which I highly suspect is due to Mayawati being his research subject for years. Otherwise it is a feeble attempt to glorify Mayawati as a cerebral and rational leader. Yes! She is a maverick when it comes to contemporary Indian politics nevertheless if her meteoric rise continues and God forbid takes on the Prime Minister seat, I will surely find refuge in a far away land with the fear of Mayawati’s figurines being constructed all over my country.