Accidental Heroes : True Stories of Ordinary Australians who Risked Their Lives to Save Others

Accidental Heroes - Xavier Duff Ah’ll tell, fuckin crappin Welsh ah think masel jist git a beer n read aboot aw auld Leithers. Ah’m thinking aboot thit cunt book Porno like it wis pillin ma heid oaf. Porno marks the arrival of the conniving Leithers-Sick Boy, Renton, Spud and Begbie. The narration parting in three dimensions Stag, Porno and Exhibition; drafts the homecoming of Simon (Sick Boy) to Leith amid resuming his wayward Machiavellian schemes to earn hard cash through filming a lowly dissident pornographic film with few distorted local chums and couple university chicks. Meanwhile Mark Renton is a co-owner of a classy club in Amsterdam however discontented with his whorish girlfriend. Spud on the other hand is still the low-life scum trying to get his drug habit kicked off, attending several rehab sessions. Begbie, serving imprisonment unknowingly receives a steady supply of gay porn from Sick Boy and harbors resentment towards Renton.As the novel progresses, the iniquitous members of Leith’s most fucked up dwellers intervene in each other lives trustfully, shagging their way to merriment whilst fabricating plots to avenge Renton’s swindle.It is highly unfeasible to deter from comparing the two novels as it a continuum. Welsh’s struggle to fetch the magnetism of Trainspotting seems to be lost in the uncanny setting. Contrasting the former, the asymmetrical placement of each character’s existence into alternate segments of defined chapters thwarts the streaming of the offered storyline. Welsh bringing new characters viz: - Nikki Smith, Rabs, Carl Ewart; interlinking his other novel Glue (another feeble rationalization of Trainspotting) does compose the intriguing element giving an inventiveness. Alas! All fails to electrify and recapture the daunting enchantment of his sole winner- Trainspotting. At present I mull over the prospects of Skagboys- prequel to this scamming cult.