Journey to the Pearl

Journey to the Pearl - Desiree Holt Reviewing an erotica can sometimes acquire artistic immunity. There are limitations to one’s expressions of orgasmic ordeals. An erotica is layered by veils of seduction through every act that the character reveals in the script, sort of foreplay of words. The sexual intensity develops through the placement of events in the narrations, finally releasing the building nervousness in a steaming sex scene. Sex is the culmination of a magnetic process of seduction. I agree with Jean Buadrillard on this assertion. The amalgamation of seductive plays and sexual execution with apt precision brings immense satisfaction to the already convulsing imagination, making the reading a pleasurable process. Good quality erotica paints a colourful rainbow in your sexual reverie and an awful erotica is as pathetic as trying to reach a climax with an HB pencil. Now, at times one comes across a sexually embellishing script in a disguise of an erotic genre. Here, one can neither comprehend with the ongoing sensuality of the characters nor feel the alluring intensity. In such cases, one would gladly hope to have viewed the narrative through a Steve Hirsch production.Terming Journey to the Pearl as a sensual erotica would be unfair. The line, “Find the perfect pearl and you will find the perfect lover”, loses its luster with the random script and the over enthusiasm of amplifying the sex scenes. Miranda Fox and her sexual tryst could have been captivating if the plot had some mystery element to it. How cheerless!