Aristophanes Birds

Birds - Aristophanes, Nan Dunbar Nephelococcygia, a metropolis in air,Zeus' cloudy nightmare,Unlikely a bedroom scareFrom a sparrow’s wild rare.A respite between heaven and earth,“An avian heaven”, says Pisthetaerus, Flirting with the nightingale’s mirthHoopoe consents ; what a fucking putz!Sacred chants float over the lustral waters,The birds join the jubilant choir,The peacock dancing in a tutu simply backfires,It’s not an ass-whooping Le Ballet Noir!The pelican, the spoon-bill, the horned-owl, the teal, the stormy petrel and the titmouse,Solemnized the laws of the land,Harboring the Olympians grouse,I rather be chained and canned.Messiah to Bitch Dependency,“Birds over bitches!” proclaims a pimp called Slickback,Pleading for wings is a bitch tendency,Cloud-cuckoo town- a two-cent hustler.Rainbows descent on womanly divinity,“That’s a bitch!” , yelps Slickback,Iris, messenger of Gods, heart of Zeus’ affinity,“That bitch’s gonna fuck y’all".Perching on twigs, the birds laud the forgotten heroes,A choral interlude, a cry for pigeons,Howl the pigeons preening their Afros,“You came to the wrong neighborhood, motherfucking wigeons!”A cry of an amateur,Verses may not rationally clickLeast an award clincher,I care a fuck ; I just blasted a stick!