House of Angels Pb

House of Angels - Yvonne Strickland Yahoo! Lifestyle’s Top 10 Sex Facts from History.# Sex is the best medicine .If you were feeling sick in the 19th century then it was quite possible that your doctor may have prescribed you a dose of alone time with a sex toy, ladies. The Museum of Sex explains that vibrator-induced orgasms helped doctors identify “hysteria” and its symptoms..# The G spot was unidentified until 1950 when Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg underwent a few experiments and found that attention to this area could trigger powerful O moments in women. Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg is in fact the G spot’s namesake....An Epiphany!! It’s been nearly 36 days since the calendar proclaimed 2012 and not a single erotica read or reviewed. Born in the Year of the Sheep, it would be an utter shame to let my artistic trait singe by the fiery Dragon. Fuck the Resolution!! As long as I do not open up a Pilsner and restrict the over play of F-bombs for another week, it would be just fine. After all I’ve been a ‘good’ girl; the metacarpal assessment and bed sheets folds can vouch for it; all my neighbour’s testimonies are inadmissible. Ahem! Moving on with the epiphany; Cascada belting out “Little Piece of Heaven” awakened my sensual spirits and there as I was pondering whether the whip that caresses a naked bottom would have a sinister story aching to be released.Karen Williams, the prey of naivety to realise that massages which make you moan are more than aromatic kneading performances OR the pursuer of the mighty ‘O’ making her chastity an arduous inconvenience? And then there was the enigmatic Sonia who made her wear latex …. Boom! Another mighty orgasm!! So many orgasms, so little time. Aww.. poor child! Too many sexual doors had yet to be opened when Karen walked in Sonia’s office enclosed in a gorgeous French villa. A clique of sexual exploratory young women; a 30-something being considered a passé for fetish would do anything to please their clients. There is Sonia the enigmatic sexual chameleon, the ruthless bitch of a Dom- Pauline and her subservient sex toy – Jackie, the good ol’ masseurs Val and Kim ( who by the way give a fulfilling massage a whole new dimension) and the animated Cheryl and many more flavors to tantalize your taste buds. How would you like to be served? Extra charge for special toppings. A trip to Baskin Robbins pleasure chest down on 7th Ave, West Village; except now we have the amorous French countryside with overindulging sexual foreplays, vaginal exuberance amid fingers running all over the place and clandestine activities which may be significant to a certain Mr. Steve Hirsch.Since it is an opening piece of the three-part series , the modus operandi of the sexual tryst with the other male clients is downplayed and so is the S&M element( restricted to Pauline for being the definitive femdom) which the book claims to be a critical aspect of the plot. I reckon this plot being Karen’s foray into comprehending the clandestine classification of the BDSM world, everything else takes a second stand to Ms. Williams uncontrolled meticulous orgasms. Although not as heavenly as my desire, it is not an absolute turn off.