Diary of an S&M Romance

Diary of an S&M Romance - Dollie Llama As the audacious Dollie puts it, “I’m sure some people will wonder why a woman who has her life together and has relatively healthy self-esteem could want her lover to dominate her, whip her on the ass until he leaves welts, and call her “Daddy’s dirty little cum toilet.” “Well, I do. And I love it.”Diary of S &M Romance is engaging, kinky, riveting and a principle journal to a consensual BDSM lifestyle. It is a factual account of a sexually exploratory couple with an extreme attraction for the BDSM acts. The author and her “Master” are known through their user names: - ‘Dollie Llama’ and ‘ThornDaddy’(sounds very corny, but apt) during all the sequential events. Dollie a paralegal and firm feminist was always intrigued by the sexual world of pain and pleasure. With the culmination of her masturbatory acts at a mere age of 7, she developed a liking for the newly found orgasm. Over the years, her desire for kink and feral sexual acts augmented. Her ex-husband left her sexually dissatisfied; therefore when widowed at the age of 40 she decided to reclaim her sexual liberation and logged on to Bondage.com- a site for BDSM lovers. Here she found her sexual mate ‘ThornDaddy’, who agreed to be her “Dom”. From here onwards Dollie shares all the sexual exploration and various acts of power that dominated their sexual life amid a deep romance being cultivated between the two. The entire Master and Slave equation had indications of romantic endeavors, giving a soft touch to several fierce sexual sessions. Dollie Llama and ThornDaddy are now an ecstatically married couple, living in Southern California. They do a free weekly BDSM PodCast called Submission and Coffee.Not once did I cringe or sullied while reading this book. Dollie is a strong and independent woman who has a solid voice in the outer world. The fact that she chooses to be a slave in her sexual role-plays is entirely her preference and should not be judged. It is an honest account of two individuals who are romantically wrapped up, yet explore the bondage and discipline lifestyle with utter honesty and sheer madness.