Crystal Line

Crystal Line - Anne McCaffrey I enjoy M/M romantic fiction with sheer delight. Firstly, the non-availability of this genre in the neighborhood bookstores creates an aura of childlike excitement around the needed procurement. Secondly, it is neither the clichéd comforting candied fiction nor some rousing pornographic ventures. (Get a life you morons! Shine the temporal lobe and think for a change).Moreover, it strips superficial façades exposing internal demons and expected dilemmas.By Chance is a blend of wonderfully written nuances and complexities engaging in the life of Eric Courtland. Circa 1995, a junior at Columbia, Eric comes across as a regular college kid but with a severe psychological baggage. Broken home, a staggering trust fund (I didn’t say he was poor) and distrusting relationships takes a mental toll on Eric leaving him betraying his own mind. Nick Thompson does not make it any easier either. Eric’s blossoming feelings for Nick whirl into a mordant clash of sexuality and concealed vulnerabilities. Foremost in the Courtland series, it is a charming onset to Eric’s world of physical explorations and neurotic detachments. It is unusual for me to review a romance manuscript devoid of bitchy anecdotes or erudite declarations. The subtleties of the charming prose deterred my usage of sarcasm and lay emphasis on propriety. Goodness Gracious! I’m not sulking about it either. Thus, you see, if ever come across a proficient romantic M/M authored book do not ignore its prospects as you may end up printing a sincere appraisal with a smile on your face. Wonder if the second installment in this series will evoke the devilish cynic?