Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Bared to You  - Sylvia Day Who Wet that Pussy??? :- Gideon Cross, A Pimp and Sexual Parasomnia.Gideon Cross :- Uh, who the hell are you?A Pimp Formely Called Slickback (aPFCS) :- Mr. Cross this is ‘A Pimp Formerly Called Slickback’ and I have come for an intervention. Gideon :- What are you called now?aPFCS :- Are you an imbecile, boy! It’s ‘A Pimp Formerly Called Slickback’ like “Artist Formerly Called Prince".Gideon : - Is this some kind of a joke?aPFCS :- Are you a Michael Bolton fan? Say with me now ‘ A Pimp Formerly Called Slickback’.Gideon : - You’re a pimp then?aPFCS:- Are you deaf? This is an intervention. Word is that you have a Chronic Pussy dependency.Gideon : - A Pimp Formerly Called Slickback , I do not need any help from you.aPFCS :- Sir, let me tell you that chronic pussy dependency is a serious matter. A hungry pussy fucks with your money, your health and may give you an erectile dysfunction in the long run.Gideon :- I do not need your help. I simply do not approve what you do to women.aPFCS :- Oh well, do you see me running around searching for a pussy, pretending to be a Master Dom.Gideon :- But, you hit women.aPFCS :- No way sir! I do not hit women. I do them hos hard.Gideon :- Eva is neither a ho nor a bitch!! I love her!aPFCS :- You love nobody, boy! You and that Christian Grey, you like them wet pussies.Gideon :- You gotta trust me. I really like Eva and she ravenously craves my dark side.aPFCS :- Now, look you crying over some pussy, again. Let me help you.Gideon :- No way!! I just can’t!!aPFCS :- It’s okay Mr. Cross to be a ‘pussy-holic’. Some, boneheads can’t get it inside , you can’t get outside a bitch’s pussy. We can beat this!Gideon :- For the last time Eva’s not a bitch and I really like her. You have to trust me. Even take pills for my sex parasomnia.aPFCS :- You sleep sex? Mr. Cross I’m unhappy to say, but you my boy are sleeping in them pussies.(A Pimp Formerly Called Slickback recites a prayer asking for a divine intervention.)aPFCS :- Lord, please pray for the soul of the pussy. And guide my pimp hand and make it strong, Lord. So, the one who wet the pussy might learn his place. Amen.Gideon :- You are not going to hit any women!!aPFCS :- What woman , Sir? This here is a wet pussy.