Piggies on the Railway: A Kasthuri Kumar Mystery

Piggies on the Railway: A Kasthuri Kumar Mystery - Smita Jain Either it must be the persistent fever that is hindering my mental stability or the shots of J&B that I guzzled last night. Moreover, I ran out of Marlboros and the comatose state of my brain cells veered me to 'Piggies on the Railways'.The protagonist Kasthuri Kumar aka "Katie" is a detective on a mission. Jeez! How corny can you get with an alias name? I could not fathom with Katie's persona. Oh! poor Katie could not figure out whom to fuck – her married ex-boyfriend or the new detective she is horny for. At this point all I sought was to clobber Katie and scream,"Woman! Choose your fuck buddy and get on with solving the damn case!" As the pages were flipped I fancied that instead of 'Piggies' it ought to have been "Praj on the Railways"; I would cheerfully be train wrecked.Lesson:- Never run out of Marlboros and if necessary drink into unconsciousness rather than comprehending a fucked up chick-lit.