From the Heart of Europe: Anthology of Contemporary Slovenian Prose

From the Heart of Europe: Anthology of Contemporary Slovenian Prose - Evald Flisar The anthology includes exceptional text of 13 renowned Slovene authors i.e.:- Milan Klec, Maja Novak, Andrej Morovic, Andrej Blatnik, Lili Potpara,; each is presented with a short biography and their published work. These assorted writings depict themes of self-confidence, self-identity, loneliness, rebellion, dysfunctional families, death and maltreatment; skirmishing untoward probabilities of life. The stories speak about various struggles, cruel judgments and prejudices that an individual faces in time. The constant mentioning of life being filled with new possibilities and experiences, demonstrates the revolting ideas of the writers encouraging readers to be fearless and seek out opportunities to liberate from the monotony and relive the novelty that life offers. Most of these stories were publish during the early 1990s, thus there was a profound focus on the ongoing socialist bureaucracy (Milosevic regulation) that permeated in the civil environment and questioning the sense of belonging. These short stories are neither melodramatic nor has the notion of “saving the world”. Nevertheless, they are incidents of emotions experienced by ordinary people who are constantly trying to save themselves and making a difference in their humdrum lives. This book enlightens an incredible era of contemporary Slovenian literature which due to lack of fine translators had remained quiescent and secluded.