Italian Tales: An Anthology of Contemporary Italian Fiction (Italian Literature and Thought)

Italian Tales: An Anthology of Contemporary Italian Fiction (Italian Literature and Thought) - Provincial anthologies explore the core of the distinct civilization, unveiling its exceptional literary gems with sincere and concealed attributes of greatness. This string of collection includes monographs, critically acclaimed publications, citations and general canonical works of 18 eminent Italian writers. Majority of the fictional pieces were scripted during1970-1990s; a remarkable era in the Italian political and social vista. From the late 1970s the Italians faced many political upheavals with the onset of mass terrorism to the economical affluence in the 1980s and the national public turmoil of the 1990s. The writings in this volume were chiefly prepared under this contemporary metamorphism; as a result several stories describe the sensitivity to nostalgia, nothingness, a search for robust dwelling and quandary to fit into two diverse worlds.The anthologies are sectioned into four categories in accordance to the reactions that various writings emote.1)Ruins with a View:- includes four short stories depicting sense of nothingness, stupor and chaos without a suitable outlet.2)Memory Lanes:- scriptures in this section deposits nostalgia, a yearning to go back in history where world was much soother and uncomplicated.3)Vanishing Points:- a resistance to let go of the past and embrace the present. A reluctant clash of accommodating and existing in the modern world.4)Views from Afar:- Fading of historical memories and challenging the simplistic sense of what is the past and the perception of its secret link to the present.Since the compilation mainly consists of excerpts from various authored books, it turns out to be a tad tricky for readers who are not familiar with works of the highlighted novelists. It is not folklore or short anecdotes of Italian fiction, but an appreciative endeavor of the literary art and connotation of the changing Italian landscape in the modern and post-modern era.