Sex & Satisfaction

Sex and Satisfaction (Xcite Selections) (Xcite Selections) - Cathryn Cooper I suppose I just found my ideal bedtime story book. Along with a glass of Bordeaux this book is a fitting prescription to end either a nasty day or a dreary date.To enhance the ambience of my reading I am accustomed to playing meticulously selected soundtracks that relate to the book narrative. 'Principles of Lust' by Enigma perfectly fits into the mold of these short stories. The book stays true to its title brimming with amplified sexual tales to the core of my contentment.The assortment of 20 unusual erotic narratives, fabricate a mixed bag of impromptu threesome; voyeurism; clandestine cabaret; a lustful stranger; vampire erotica and seductive displays rebelling the mundane sex norms. The sexual euphoria of these accounts especially the ones with exotic and mystifying Japanese women by N. Vasco were highly cherished making them my favorites. Another hot favorite was 'Coffee Break' by Teresa Joseph- a tale of a shop owner ,who to increase his profits tempts his female workers with cups of aphrodisiac coffee making them break the rules of retailing to boost sales and satisfy male buyers. My least adored were 'Flying' and 'Anthony' however the others covered my disappointment leaving me enticed and smirking.They all have one thing in common – powerful sexual acts leaving you famished and demanding for more untamed exposé.