Nature of Desire - Natural Law

Natural Law - Joey W. Hill The book sent a flurry of mixed reactions within me. I normally do not take pleasure in dreamy BDSM novels as the kink element weakens with the culmination of romance. However, Hill astounded me with a powerful, erotic and charismatic narration. Violet and Mac do make an enduring impression throughout; producing an entertaining read. Natural Law is more about sexual identity than dominance. The entire concept of an exclusive female Dom club was incredibly attractive, except Violet as a Dom, lacked the magnetism and stubbornness that strictly classifies a seasoned Dom. As a matter of fact, Mac’s referral to Violet as “My Mistress” was hilarious showing his innate desire to dictate Violet while still being subservient. The epilogue does reveal these inherent power struggles and dominance between the two protagonists once the romance engulfs the crude sexual sessions. As for the unsolved murder plot, I did not care much and left it to be discovered amid the sizzling sexual excitement.