Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert Why do people seek GOD or spirituality only in their most muddled circumstances? Why do individuals prefer not to abide the consequences of their choices? Why do we let vanity triumph our sensibilities?The acquisition of mysticism or "finding oneself" is a mere amalgamation of SILENCE and LISTENING to the earnest void thriving in your chaotic self. If only Elizabeth could have taken a few moments out her daily life she would not have required the world voyage to discover the answers that were right in front of her. Why do we need perfect strangers to guide us in to re-discovering our strengths and weaknesses or any typecast religion celebrated for its numinous salvation?Listen, Learn and Capture; the most misrepresented pillars of human sensitivity adhere to one main element of Silence. Silence creates a powerful mind and soul and with it comes the greatest acumen- common sense. Spirituality imbibes every aspect of rejuvenating one’s common sense under an umbrella of wholesome silence.I do believe in GOD. Nevertheless, I perceive religion to be a cauldron of hypocrisy and egotistical objectivity. I have always had discrepancies regarding the Hinduism scriptures and certainly think that it is preposterous to let spiritual dwellings teach me my own potency and limitations. Elizabeth seeking realms of holiness in the 'ashrams' did not grasp my thoughts and felt like a portrayal of narcissism in an altruistic camouflage. To me, spirituality is not attained by visiting holy places or embracing shaman conduits. The passage to attain salvation from the convoluted commotion is to look beyond your vanities into the realism of the impecunious survival and facilitate in any way to enrich the impoverished lives so to minimize the disparities in human existence. If only Elizabeth could have taken a stroll in her neighborhood community centers and inner-city areas and augment the lives of those less fortunate would she have realized her advantageous mortality and would restrain herself from seeking wisdom from the immortal cores.I get the verity that an individual needs a vacation to a kind of utopian paradise to escape the chaos of monotony that life deposits. So, her quest in discovering love or the scrumptiously delightful Italian cuisine is logical; except it appears more like a festive escape without any ulterior connotations. In the end to endure a 14-hours plane journey to seek your inner-self is frivolous and a frantic plea to fill the hollowed futility of one’s moneyed self.